Constellation 1 is excited about the launch of Relo 2.0.   We have taken all the assets of Relo 1.0 and focused on making things better, in order to make you more efficient and effective.   See what the buzz is all about.

We are going to hold two weninars this week this Wednesday (July 8th) and Thursday (July 9th) at 2 pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1 pm Mountain and 12pm Pacific).

Please email tom.demos@constellationreg.com with the day you would like to attend. 

Have a great day.

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Constellation1 is presenting daily training on our various products daily.   Today, we will cover a variety of topics that will help you use the tools available in your current ReloSpec platform, specifically for HSF Affiliates.
Please forward this meeting notice to anyone who could benefit from this call.
  1. HSF Referrals contact search
  2. Options for automating follow-ups and reports
  3. Tips and best practices
Dial-in # (646) 749-3122
Conf # 582-121-165
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Constellation1, who owns Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software, is excited to join  LeadingRE’s Solutions Group.

We are excited to be the first relocation management software in the solutions group program.

– Real estate tech company offers a full technology suite, individual modules, and data services. –

CHICAGO – April 16, 2023 – Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a global network of more than 565 top real estate firms, has named Constellation1 to its Solutions Group, a collection of preferred business resources. Constellation1 provides real estate technology services to brokerages and MLSs across North America. The Solutions Group relationship will incorporate Constellation1’s back-office solutions, data services, and relocation management software.

“As so many brokers are taking this time to evaluate systems and efficiencies, we are happy to present Constellation1’s solutions, which include flexible options like their robust back-office accounting software, powerful real estate data services and web-based relocation software, Relocation Specialist,” said LeadingRE Vice President, Corporate Marketing Robin LaSure.

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Learn more about Constellation1 at 免费ssr节点2022.

Learn more about Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® at LeadingRE.com.



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Visit and view ReloSpec 2.0 at our Constellation1 booth #709 at BHHS Conference.

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Will you be attending the BHHS Conference (3/8 to 3/10) or LeadingRE Conference (3/11 to 3/13)? If you are Tom Demos, our ReloSpec Product Manager would like to meet and walk you through ReloSpec version 2.0.     ReloSpec 2.0 is set to go live to clients sometime in Q2 2023.

Start by clicking here and let Tom know you are attending and we will coordinate a walkthrough.

We can’t wait to show you what ReloSpec 2.0 has to offer, and how we can directly save you time and money.    We are looking forward to seeing you in Nashville and Las Vegas!



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Happy New Year from ReloSpec

Happy New Year from ReloSpec

Looking back at 2023

We wanted to take a moment and show our appreciation to you, the loyal and dedicated customer of ReloSpec, Relocation Specialist software.  Since it’s inception, the ReloSpec product has been focused on providing software that helps relocation managers more effectively manage the entire sales process of current and prospective relocation clients/referrals.  Constellation Web Solutions (CWS) is now entering it’s third year of managing the ReloSpec product, and thanks to you we have seen steady growth and have focused on providing a great deal of integration options for our ReloSpec customers, most recently integrations with OpCity, Cartus/Broker Center/LeadRouter, LeadingRE, posting leads from websites, creation of custom capture forms more easily bring leads into the product and much more.   We have also created mechanisms to push data to your accounting departments, and their respective applications.    If you have not taken advantage of our integrations, what are you waiting for :0)?

Looking forward to 2023

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In 2023, you will see CWS take the ReloSpec product to a new level by investing a great deal of time, money and resources into the product in an effort to make our customers  relocation management lives better.  The goal is to become the top relocation software management software in the industry by taking the great foundation we have and enhancing the overall user experience in order to provide relocation managers with the most advanced, effective and efficient software in the market.   We know the more time you save, the more money you will make.

We have three primary initiatives in 2023

#1)   It will start with a ReloSpec UI/UX redesign.   UI refers to the user interface, how the software looks when our customers login. and UX refers to the user experience, how the software is organized for our customers.  Through our client surveys and discussions it has been made clear that the focus should be on how can we cut out additional steps in the current version of ReloSpec to save our customers time when executing tasks in the software.

#2) Then we will be launching a new automated referral confirmation workflow that will include the ability to automatically secure agreement and post electronic signature documents directly into the application so our clients can more effectively collect agreements between parties.

#3) Lastly, we will be launching a new reporting module that will be focused on giving clients real time dashboards and reports that will help our customers  executive/management teams easily be able to retrieve important information.

When will these tools be ready?  Production and development is already under way.

How will you communicate when they are completed?   We will be communicating here on ReloSpec 411 as soon as we are ready to launch.

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We would like to wish you, your families, and your staff a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2023.  Thanks again for being the backbone of ReloSpec, we are looking forward to having an amazing 2023 with you.



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Improvements to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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Our commitment to your privacy hasn’t changed. We remain dedicated to protecting you, your data and your experience on the platform. As always, the entire Relocation Specialist team works every day to make relocationspecialist.com and skkqbn.wcbzw.com a safe and trustworthy place  for online marketing for real estate agents.

Please review the updated documents below:

Terms of Use
Privacy Policy

Thanks for using Relocation Software, and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


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COMING SOON: Electronic Signatures for Referral Confirmation

Coming soon in ReloSpec, the ability for ReloSpec users to have a signed referral confirmation agreement generated in ReloSpec and returned as a PDF in the client record.    More to come on this subject by the end of the year.


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小火箭 Shadowrocket 教程 安装 使用 – Shadowfly:2021-6-30 · (复制http开头conf结束的地址,可伍直接按住复制) 如图所示,点击“下载” 点击远程配置处的地址,并点击使用配置,如图所示 7:打开自动更新订阅

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We will be removing the DELETE button from the home page of the CLIENT LIST page





We will be placing the DELETE button inside the client record and can be accessed when you click the PENCIL / EDIT button


Delete 2


  • Click UPDATE to UPDATE your changes
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  • Click CANCEL to return back to the main CLIENT LIST page without saving your changes.


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  • Click CONFIRM to finalize your deletion
  • Click CANCEL if you do not want to DELETE the record.


This change will now make records easier to delete, and more importantly, the ReloSpec team will have a log of all deletions to track users deleting records.


This is just another step in further enhancing the user experience.


Contact ReloSpec, http://form.jotform.com/81483826984169 with any questions.


Have a great week!

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Makeover for ReloSpec Quick Notes

The ReloSpec development team has been busy redesigning the user interface for the quick notes area.  Quick notes are one of the most often used features in ReloSpec.    As a result, we wanted to help enhance the user experience.
Why do this?
  • It adds more modern technology to ReloSpec
  • It is the beginning of user interface updates
  • It allows for a lot more flexibility and efficiency.
  • It also will help prevent some previous issues users were experiencing due to session variables
How do I see the new interface?
Click on the N in the CLIENT LIST page
RS Notes 1
You will see a new layout

RS Notes 2
You will first see the NOTE HISTORY for the record for a quick look.
You can click 小火箭免费节点2022 to close the window if you do not want to enter a note.
You can click  RS Notes 4 to ADD A NEW NOTE
You will see the screen expand to allow you to enter data via a content editor
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    The CLICK  RS Notes 6 and you will see the note in history.
Stay tuned, we will also be providing a way to DELETE and EDIT notes from the same page.
You will see this feature launched around 12 pm Central today.
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